The Boot Inn

Nr. Tarporley,

Tel: 01829 751375


We are proud to serve a selection of Weetwood Ales.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter ABV 3.9%

A red – brown beer with fruity and malty flavours throughout. Brewed with US Amarillo hops to give spicy and floral notes.


Ambush ABV 4.8%

An amber beer with a smooth, fruity foretaste finishing with the distinctive aroma and flavour of Styrian Goldings. Warning: Take care, it creeps up on you.

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat ABV 4.0%

A traditionally brewed blonde ale with a smooth foretaste and a fruity hoppy finish, making it an easy drinking ale of distinction.

Oast House

Oast House ABV 5.0%

A straw coloured beer for the summer months ideally, but can be enjoyed in all the seasons. The addition of wheat malt producing a full and memorable foretaste, with ‘Goldings’ adding a lingering, unique dry finish.

Old Dog

Old Dog ABV 4.5%

A beer for the connoisseur. A premium bitter with a smooth, full bodied flavour. Dark roasted malt produces a deep colour and the use of the whole hops provide that extra flavour and aroma to what will be a memorable and lasting experience.

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